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Review of Ori Z. Soltes (ed.) 'National Treasures of Georgia'

Review of Ori Z. Soltes (ed.) 'National Treasures of Georgia', in Circle of Inner Asian Art (CIAA), SOAS Newsletter, No.11, June 2000, 26-31

The richness of the cultural heritage bequeathed to the Republic of  Georgia (Transcaucasia) is undeniably a glory of world-stature and deserves to be  much more widely known and celebrated. It was with this intention that an  exhibition of selected items was planned for the United States and sponsored by the  Foundation for International Arts & Education. The present  lavishly illustrated volume was meant to serve as the US catalogue. However, because of a strenuous campaign in Georgia by certain forces opposed to letting such  priceless treasures out of the country, the exhibition had to be postponed (?cancelled) as the catalogue was being printed. It was, nevertheless, decided to proceed  with publication in honour of the copious artistic achievements described therein. Attractively priced, the work will undoubtedly serve to introduce many readers to a country and its culture, both of  which are still largely cloaked in ignorance (and/or myth).

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