Prof. George Hewitt

Letter of Condolence

14 February 2016

Dear Lady Avebury,

I have just heard that Eric passed away today and would like to offer you and your family sincere condolences not only on behalf of myself and my wife Zaira but also on behalf of the Abkhazians, whose cause, like that of many other threatened minorities around the world, he took up and tirelessly championed over the course of several years. The loss of his voice, indomitable spirit and simple human kindness will be sorely missed.

I personally shared many a phonecall with him over how best to keep the Abkhazian question alive and properly evaluated in our corridors of power, especially in the face of overwhelming Georgian propaganda, and I recall the last time we spoke, on which occasion he told me how bleak his prospects were. I shall always treasure the kind invitation to attend his 80th birthday celebration, followed by the opportunity to be entertained by you both in Flodden Road.

It was an honour to have known Eric and to collaborate with him on behalf of Abkhazia, where he will always be remembered with affection, gratitude and love.

Yours sincerely,

George (Hewitt)

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