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Obituary for Prof. Sir Harold Bailey

Obituary for Prof. Sir Harold Bailey (Daily Telegraph 19 Jan 1996)

Professor of Sanskrit (1936-1967, later Emeritus) in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Queens\ College from 1937 (Honorary Fellow 1967), Fellow of the British Academy (1944), President of the Philological Society (1948), Knighted for services to Indo-Iranian studies (1960), President of the Royal Asiatic Society  (1964-67), author of Khotanese Texts I-VIII 1945-85), Khotanese Buddhist Texts (1951< 2nd ed 1981), Saka Documents I-IV (1960-67), Dictionary of Khotan Saka (1979), The Culture of the Sakas in Ancient Iranian Khotan (1981),  Bundahishn (to appear)  and countless demanding articles in specialist journals. The bare facts testify to a career of outstanding academic merit  but cannot even begin to present a rounded appreciation of this prodigious scholar and extraordinary man.

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