Corrigenda and Suggestions for 'Rewriting Caucasian History' by Robert Thomson

In my review of Thomson's book (BSOAS, to appear) I stated that in an undertaking of this magnitude (pages 1-363 of S. Q’aukhchishvili's [= Q’ below] 1955 edition of the Georgian Chronicles, vol. I, together with the abbreviated Armenian version found in Abuladze 1953 are translated) it was perhaps inevitable that a number of improvements could be made, and that, since my personal emendations were too numerous to include in the allotted space, I proposed to publish the full  list elsewhere. In the review I selected a few cases for comment  and dealt with all matters arising from the Introduction  (other than the slip 'Chronciles' for 'Chronicles' in Ft. 53 on p.xlvii). Below I include everything that caught my eye from p.1.

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