Prof. George Hewitt

Caucasian Versions of "The North Wind and the Sun"

Several of my early publications contained the translation (with commentary) of Aesop’s fable ‘The North Wind and the Sun’ in a variety of Caucasian languages. Five recordings of those texts, made in Tbilisi in 1976, are presented here. The texts are read by the translators (or, in the case of Georgian, the adaptor of a Georgian version originally published in the 1940s):

1. Abkhaz by Zaira Khiba
2. Temirgoi/Chemgwi Circassian by Alec Abregov (Almir Abredzh), with an additional version read by Tamara Udzhukhu, a native speaker of the Bzhedugh dialect
3. Avar by Boris At’aev of the village of Khunzakh
4. Georgian by Shukia Apridonidze

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